Most of the times, when i have just reinstalled Windows, i get frenzy about making some adjustments and installing softwares, that suit my needs. I always have a certain logic behind everything, i do or think or want to visualize in my mind. Life is short, You just have to grab every opportunity which you can avail for yourself. Don’t care what people say. Its just you in the end, so why not get up and do everything on your own for yourself and let the people decide, they wanna deja vu with it or not…

So i normally adjust my Fresh Windows Installation, to be bundled up with useful softwares and addons…

  • Kwizzu : I love this miniature tool, which is simply designed to download Videos in a great way from YOUTUBE, It is designed for every used browser and is seamlessly great to use. Download Link
  • AdBlock : The best extension/addon available to get rid of annoying ads while you surf download websites. Its the best ADblocker in business and is integrated with ease. Download Link
  • Jdownloader : I’ve never seen a very versatile, subtle yet amazing Downloader which supports every bit of famous file hosting website. It seamlessly downloads through its highly developed Linkgrabbing techniques and i love using it even with Download Link
  • Bittorrent/UTorrent : Its always necessary to be equipped with handling of torrent files. Both of these Bittorrent Clients are good and are trustworthy.
  • TeamViewer : An amazing tool which ends remote client difficulties with ease and has helped me over hundred times to diagnose my colleague Pc’s

Will write over when more loops into my mind.


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